Frequently Asked Questions

With ZioBee, you can transform your manual delivery management processes to a fully automated platform.

1. How can I change the order status for multiple orders at once?
2. What is called ‘Batch Frequency’?
3. How can I use the Sign-Up plugin?
4. Why can’t I see the assigned orders in the rider app?
5. Why can’t I see all areas while assigning a warehouse for my client?
6. Why do I see the areas drop-down as empty while adding the orders?
7. Is it possible to select the region, city and area separately for a delivery address while placing an order?
8. Why can’t I see the pickup address while placing the order?
9. What does the ‘Save this address’ check box under delivery address do?
10. Can I connect my eCommerce store and receive orders through the store?
11. Can I use third-party applications for delivery and riders?

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