Reinvent your Delivery Management System with ZioBee!

With ZioBee, you can transform your manual delivery management processes to a fully automated platform

Multiple deliveries in a single platform
With ZioBee, you can place orders for clients, monitor their pickups and deliveries, and track the returned goods in real-time. You can keep records of all orders that are paid or unpaid, and access to the order history which will keep updating.
Track locations of drivers in real-time
Stay updated real-time of the status of each delivery by gaining access to drivers’ locations with GPS coordinates. Gain visibility to the entire route of each driver in a convenient map powered by Google Maps.
Generate reports and insights to improve your deliveries
Gain access to regularly updated reports based on the orders, revenues, sales and deliveries within seconds using the Analytics of ZioBee! Recognize the top clients and top drivers with automatically generated statistics of the Delivery Management System.
Customer profiles, organized!
Instantly reach any customer profile by searching, edit and customize their information whenever you need. Assign multiple users to run your Delivery Management System.
Create schedules and templates
ZioBee helps you create delivery schedules for a picked date and time, and allows you to create templates to collect charges to offer more efficiency.
Filtered orders
Gone are the days you had to manually filter particular orders. ZioBee offers multiple filters to sort out your orders in no time!
Real-time Delivery fee management
Automated calculations for delivery fees depending on the delivery zones, real-time updated cash collections by the drivers/riders, and automated settlements to clients’ accounts that are integrated with their finance management systems are all possible with ZioBee!
Control and assign orders to drivers
Sen drivers/riders messages to notify them about new pickups, update order details for drivers’ information, and the amount to be collected on delivery. Get notified when orders are picked up and delivered, and when the cash is settled, only on ZioBee.
Get notified!
Receive notifications when drivers pick up and deliver orders, order cancellations, messages from clients, anything and everything you need to know!
Manage vehicles and delivery areas
With ZioBee, keep your vehicle information and delivery hub (area) information listed for your convenience.
Integrations to your features.
In a fully digitalized world, ZioBee stays updated with its ability to integrate with your features to better synchronize your Delivery Management System with the clients’ organizations.

Transform from legacy to a fully automated Delivery Management System

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