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Top Features in Ziobee


Manage your Delivery
  • Client portal for your clients to place their orders to pickup and delivery goods to their customers. Ability to bulk upload all the orders within few seconds.
  • Instantly access and edit a customer’s full profile and history with instant search.
  • Track the returned goods.
Delivery Fee Management
  • Automated delivery fee calculation based on the delivery zone.
  • Track the cash collected by drivers upon delivery.
  • Accounting integration to view the total cash collection and settlements to your clients.
Instant Notification
  • Instant notification to client, driver and customer regarding the order status.
  • Your drivers will instantly receive the delivery details on their phone.
  • Receive notifications through the dispatch dashboard when your drivers update their delivery orders.
Assign Delivery Orders to Drivers
  • Send your driver a notification that they have been assigned a new delivery ticket
  • Add order details to your ticket so your driver knows exactly what to deliver and how much money to collect.
  • Track the progress of each delivery ticket, from the driver with GPS coordinates of the drivers whereabouts when the ticket status is updated.
Track Drivers
  • Real time tracking of your drivers.
  • Real time tracking of your delivery orders.
  • Easily send your drivers new deliveries.
  • The driver's entire route throughout the day will be drawn onto the map.
Delivery and Driver Analytics
  • Discover delivery trends
  • Easily toggle between delivery and driver reports.
  • Review your driver's delivery performance and delivery history.
Website Integration
  • Integrate Ziobee’s online tracker to your website and let your customers track the orders online.